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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lesson II


L'angwic uses conditions differently than in English, for some people it will be easy to learn, others it will take time.
In English we say "we may buy a car", see how "may" is its own word?
Well in L'angwic, instead of having "may" its own word, we have it on the end of the verb, after the conjugation.
We may buy a car.
Bajaumy ne'Xaar.
the "my" tacked onto the end of bajau makes it "we may buy" instead of "we buy"
The breakdown of the word "bajaumy"
The condition ALWAYS goes after the conjugation.

Conditions Table

I could go
ja xantexu add -xu
I have to go ja xantena add -na
I may go
ja xantema add -ma
I'm going to go ja xantetsu add -tsu
I might go
ja xantemi add -mi
I must go
ja xantemy add -my
I should go ja xantecu add -cu
I want to go ja xantevi add -vi
I will go
ja xantewi add -wi
I can go
ja xantexa add -xa


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