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Friday, September 02, 2005

Lesson III


There are eight tenses in L'angwic.
You first conjugate the verb then you add on the proper tense suffix.
In English there's a difference between "I am doing" and "I do" well in L'angwic there is the same difference.
The tense is called "passive"
"I do" in L'angwic is "ja dae" and "I am doing" is "nole dae"
but in L'angwic you can drop the personal pronoun, so instead of "nole dae" it's "daepe"
-Past Tenses
There are three past tenses in L'angwic
I just did = daesa
I did = daeno
I have done = daenoi
But in every tense there is an option for passive. which is quite simple, every tense outside of the present tenses, you just add on "-pe" to make it passive.
I just was doing = daesape
I was doing = daenope
-Future Tenses
There are two future tenses in L'angwic
I will do = daeni
I will have done = daenei
I will be doing = daenipe
I will have be doing = daeneipe

Tenses Table

I do
I do right now verb+i or +pei
I am doing to be+verb or +pe
I just did
I did
I have done verb+noi
I will do
I will have done verb+nei


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