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Friday, September 02, 2005

Lesson VI


Negation is very simple in L'angwic.
The word for no is "Xa"
No, I want to know.
Xa, xavevi.
The word for not is "Xi"
That is not my car.
Das se xi xaaren.
The prefix for "non" is "Xoi"
The book is non-fiction.
Le'Buxa se xoifyxato.
To negate most nouns for the prefices "Im" or "Dis" you just add on Xai
That is impossible.
Das se xaimages.
And the prefix for Anti- is Jeni

Negation of Condition Suffices table:

I couldn't go ja xantexju add -xju
I don't have to go ja xantenja add -nja
I may not go ja xantemja add -mja
I'm not going to go ja xanteju add -ju
I might not go ja xantemji add -mji
I must not go ja xantemoi add -moi
I shouldn't go ja xantecja add -cja
I don't want to go ja xanteija add -ija
I will not to go ja xantejewi add -jewi
I can't go ja xantexja add -xja


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